Customer Feedback

Since we began our project of purchasing The Dog in March 2015, we have always taken into consideration the views of the community both far and wide. Now that we have succeeded and are trading, we still want to hear your comments and feedback. We hold a monthly members surgery (see events calendar) where a board member is available to discuss concerns and ideas but the following comments reflect just a small sample of the feedback we have received so far.

From various respondents who attended our Odyssey (Rabbit Theatre) event – 25th February 2017

  • a brilliant one man show with humour drama and great sound effects
  • impressed, entertained educated
  • extremely entertaining
  • amazing that one person managed to perform all of the odyssey
  • very enjoyable – a fun way to hear about greek mythology
  • Amazed by versatility
  • the show was fantastic
  • Entertained , a good show
  • very pleasantly surprised


From various respondents who attended our Howard Haigh event – 24th September 2016

  1. Great venue ! more events please!! thoroughly enjoyable- great musical links across the board and brilliantly executed. there used to be so many great acts in this area but recently this has been lacking. Events like this are and always have been invaluable. Great for communities, great to socialise and immerse yourself in culture and such experiences. It is dismal that such brilliant events are so few and far between

2. Absolutely exceptional performance

3. Really excellent intimate venue , ask them to turn the juke box in the bar off next time please. Provision of nibbles and friendly atmosphere contributed to a really good night – Reply – thanks you for the feedback. Whilst we don’t have a jukebox, the music system downstairs was on and we hope it didn’t spoil your enjoyment. We will address the issue at future events

4. Fresh, fun and light hearted

5. Great atmosphere at the dog inn with olives, cheese, dips etc . Audience was very appreciative

6. I must admit to being unsure but I am pleased to say I really enjoyed the show, it was very entertaining

7. The way the event was set, the relaxed atmosphere allowed for easy conversation with other people. I learnt a lot about Belthorn, the surrounding area and its people

From Charlotte Foster (Your Community Project) 24th July 2016

“Hello Dave and Emma,

First of all may I say just how much we enjoyed the visit on Friday.  It really was fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed by each and everyone of us!

As I said to you before we departed: to receive such a warm welcome and such kind hospitality – it was all quite overwhelming and I have to say I felt that our time at the Dog Inn was the the highlight of our tour and a great way to finish off the pioneering pub event. Once again, we are indebted to you for sharing your time and experience with us, and for making the study visit such a resounding success – also, I will be singing the praises of that beautiful buffet for a long time to come!

It was a pleasure to meet everyone and we wish you continued success with your plans for the future.

With very best wishes.